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Wash Fixtures

Wash Trays, Baskets, and Mats


Super heavy-duty, stainless steel wash trays are made from 16 ga., perforated sheet and are welded, corner braced, and hemmed for operator safety. A unique fine mesh stainless steel drape lid is utilized in order to minimize PCA movement during washing. The lid is retractable and features a convenient locking lift handle mounted to a lid stiffener. Trays can be custom fabricated for any size and depth.

A dedicated or adjustable pallet is often the solution of choice for high reliability, high-value circuits, or for any PCA that should be suspended above or below any conveyor contact.


These tray inserts are made from an ESD-safe rubber mat that incorporates a textured “grippy” surface. The precision web layout is CNC cut and sized to fit into our super heavy-duty, stainless steel wash trays. This mat will help to protect PCB components from contact with the tray surface during the powerful wash cycle.