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At BlueRing Machining, we have a simple goal, that is, to get it right the first time and every time. We achieve this by utilizing a Business Process Management Approach. This Top-Down approach allows for staff commitment to service and excellence. Over the years, this task became easier, the more we stayed the course. With the help of great leadership and hand selected staff members, our success story is nothing short of impressive. We strive to build mutually beneficial partnerships with customers and suppliers. This has allowed us to maintain longstanding relationships upstream and downstream.

We maintain our ISO 9001:2015 certification as the basis for our quality system. Our Continual improvement systems are based on proven tools such as 6 Sigma Methodologies, Lean Tools, and advanced Quality Management processes. We have eliminated the guess work and replaced it with a data driven approach to support the requirements and needs of our customers.

Developing our Employees has always been key to our success. Through active mentoring, we create a culture where our staff have the skills and are empowered to take responsibility for the results of their actions. We understand that it is our people who make us who we are.

Problem solving techniques and Innovative Engineering are a big part of our culture. This drive to excellence on all levels of the operation is reflected in our Services and shows in the culture and high retention of our people.

The road to Excellence is never ending, but specifically at BlueRing Machining, it is full of excitement and progress. Our Products and Services reflect this culture, and our People enhance this experience.

Quality Standards

BlueRing Machining has been assessed by Orion Registrar and found to be in compliance with the following Quality Standard: ISO 9001:2015.