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Range of Material Options

When it comes to the rigors of the soldering process, it is our personal preference and recommendation to utilize one of two types of hi-temp composite materials: 

Epoxy Composites have a proven success rate for longevity. In the vast majority of applications, the Epoxy composite pallets should provide the highest cycle life, though the exact number is impossible to predict with much accuracy due to the wide variety of fluxes applied and the even wider variations of process parameters.

Polyester Composites are generally preferred for high halide, no-clean flux. 

We manufacture our pallets from the most advanced and proven epoxy and polyester composites, including materials for lead-free applications; G-10 and FR-4; Plastics: Delrin and Ultim, PEEK, Teflon; Metals: Aluminum, Titanium and Stainless Steel; Graphite, and Glass Ceramics.

These materials, either alone or together, have been utilized to effectively solve many PCB manufacturing process problems.

We will also utilize any other preferred material if requested.